Message from Chairman

Shri S. Gopalakrishnan I.A & A.S (Retd.)
Retd. Pr. Director of Commercial Audit
and Ex. Officio Member, Audit Board.
Vice-Chairman and Hon. Secretary cum Hon. Treasurer (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Hyderabad Kendra)
Chairman, School Managing Committee BVBARRS.

Schools have to play a significant role in the life of children, beyond knowledge acquisition. Every child is unique and different. It is therefore necessary to identify what is special about each child and to nurture those capabilities. In a society afflicted by information explosion, the children have to be sensitized to defend themselves from exploitative and inhuman tendencies by developing necessary self regulation and self filtering measures. They should be trained to use technology and not technology to use them.

The multidisciplinary approach adopted by the school has been mainly responsible for the outstanding performance of students in multifarious activities such as performing arts, sports, painting, quiz competitions, debates, academics and many co-curricular activities. My hearty congratulations to the Principal and the staff members for their strenuous and continued efforts to identify and upgrade the skills and core competencies of each child so that the education imparted in the school brings out the best in each child.

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